Books on Music Theory

The Circle of Fifths

The Circle of Fifths: visual tools for musicians

The Circle of Fifths - visual tools for musicians presents a new way for all players to learn their music theory in a fresh manner that has previously been neglected by so many teachers. It will be of value to practical musicians at all levels and particularly useful to improvisers and jazz players at the beginning and early stages of improvisation. Think of all those occasions when you tried to recall some aspect of musical theory on the fly to use it without interrupting your flow. You will find it so much easier when using these proven techniques.

Available in Paperback, EPUB and MOBI digital versions

Le Cycle des Quintes

Le Cycle des Quintes: une collection d'outils visuels pour les musicians

Le Cycle des Quintes est destiné à l'aide des débutants, improvisateurs ou non. Pensez aux moments où vous avez essayé de rappeler certains aspects de la théorie musicale et de les appliquer sans couper le flux de la tâche en main. Vous le trouverez bien plus facile lors de l'utilisation de ces techniques éprouvées.

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Why Scales Need Sharps and Flats

Why Scales Need Sharps and Flats: Notes on Music Theory #1

What would it mean for your ease of mind if you understood scales better?
A solution is now offered to you. Why Scales Need Sharps and Flats is the first volume of a new series, Notes on Music Theory, for all musicians young and old who feel the doubts created by their lack of knowledge.

Available in Paperback, EPUB and MOBI digital versions